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GRI Global Reporting Initiative

SROI Social Return on Investment

BPRO Biomimicry Professional

UN [ITC - ILO] United Nations Local Development

IGI International Gemological Institute




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NAT GEO & Cengage Learning

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Cengage Learning Education Material Environmental awareness Creativity English Pre-school program co-designed with teachers

La Selva Café

LA SELVA CAFÉ Fair Trade Product Design Packaging Marketing Strategy

La Selva Café

Fair Trade Organic Coffee Inclusive Business Concept Design Marketing Strategy Product Design Innovation Lab 13 shops in Mexico and global sales


FFUEGO Handcraft Products from Indigenous culture Product Design Innovation Lab Impact Evaluation Prototyping accessories and decoration articles


NIKON Empowering through Technology Educational Experiences Nature Journalism Digital content Children and youth access to cameras


Kimberly-Clark Depend Diapers for adults Cause Marketing Intersectorial alliances Senior Citizens Project closing in National Auditorium (10'000 people)

Centro Histórico DF

Government Mexico City's Down Town Supply chain Inclusive Business Innovation Lab Synergies for more than 400 family-owned restaurants


Naturalia - HSBC Conservation Sustainable Management Market Strategies Multi-sectorial alliances Reforestation More than 20'000 ha of forest providing water supply to Mexico City


Fundación ETHOS Methodology Design Business Analysis Human Migration Micro businesses creation Policy Making for Presidential Office of Mexico


FUNDEMEX Mexico's Enterprises Foundation Impact Methodology Cluster Development System Design More than 100 projects around Mexico

Chiapas Government

CHIAPAS Government Marca Chiapas Store Concept Business Strategy Innovation Lab 6 shops in Chiapas, Morelos and Mexico City

Unidos Somos Iguales

UNIDOS Down Syndrome Social Inclusion Innovation Lab Brand Strategy Systemic learning for social behavior change


RioVerde Grass-root women Innovation Lab Inclusive Business Comercial alliances More than 3000 women crafting natural fiber bags


INDESOL Natural Reserve Gov. & Development Food Security Environmental education Eco-Museum Agro-Homeopathy More than 700 trained people


ASHOKA Social Entrepreneurs Brand Strategy Media Training Impact Evaluation Marketing Campaign Conferences Social Entrepreneurship in Mexico and Central America

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