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Meet the Co-Founders

Camille Dubois

Camille Dubois

Sustainability Studies, Mgmt of Local Development, ITC/ILO-UN) 2009-10

Master´s in Euro-Asian Business (ESCP-EAP/AITOxford-Bangkok) 2003-05

Communication (IHECS-EFAP) 2000-2003

International Leadership Program (Up With People) 1999


Her international business and communication expertise led her to cover 4 continents and places like Lagos in Nigeria, Singapur, Mexico City, Mayan Peninsula, New York City, Madrid and Paris just to mention a few. 


Camille has very strong interpersonal skills and has a wide experience collaborating with cross sector leaders whether they would come from the corporate, governmental or social innovation world to encounter leaner and greener solutions to nowadays local and global challenges. 

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Hugo Araujo


Biomimicry Professional (Biomimicry Institute) 2011-2013

Master´s in European Business (ESCP-EAP Oxford-Paris) 2003-2005

Ingeniero Industrial y de Sistemas (ITESM) 1998-2003


Has wide Marketing and Sales Management experiences in companies such as Nike, Unilever, IBM and Kimberly Clark in Paris, Spain and Mexico. 


Entrepreneur since 2007 with special focus on Inclusive and Sustainable Businesses, Hugo is one of the first 30 Biomimicry Professional Worldwide. 


Expert in managing multidisciplinary teams he has developed new methodologies and tools for impact Management. Thanks to his International background, his strength relies on his power of adaptation to any context: geographical, cultural or social. His main drive is Innovation to encounter Planet, People and future generations Solutions.

Hugo Araujo

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