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To launch our new International Learning Network, we hosted in June 2014 one of the most collaborative group of certified biomimics from over the globe in El Cuyo, Yucatán, Mexico. 


The “on-site” conferences and discussions tackled topics such as Water management, Niche differenciation, Reconnection, Community development, Biomimicry4Community, Ecosystemic production & Permaculture. It was a great success and a unique experience in nature.


We are very thankful to its participants, staff & sponsors: Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Lagartos, NIKON Mexico and IMCA Colombia to make it happen. 


Our next site will be in 2017 in Zimbabwe exclusively for Biomimicry Professionals to attend and work on a local challenge.


Watch El Cuyo bSoul video.



A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN NATURE - Quotes from participants

"Watching hawksbill sea turtles laying eggs in the coastal dunes under a double rainbow. 

Witnessing 18’000 pink flamingos gathering from different parts of the world to mate and nest in Ría Lagartos wetlands. Learning about: mangroves dissalinization  and reproduction strategies and local hurricane reforestation strategy; cenotes: the most amazing system of freshwater in the planet; Tropical dry forest and Mayan sacred Ceiba tree. Kayaking in a 10 years cycle floated forest. Swimming with whale sharks while just 1000 from 8000 individuals have come back after the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf in 2010. It was a very intensive and inspiring week." Melina Angel, Canada and Colombia

"My best experience in nature!" Pernille Lethenborg, Denmark







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