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Living in this increasingly global environment, we realized in 2006 the importance of understanding the different markets not only influenced by the worlds’ economy but as well by the local history, culture and natural diversity. We were interested in developing a life project that implies to study and work with a wide variety of sectors, actors and ecosystems and influence a new generation of businesses.


In 2007 with our project Fairlink: for an Innovative Responsibility we decided to take the road less travelled to listen and learn from experiences on the field. From a business background we did a two years research trip on New Business Models, collaborations and alliances in Latin America.


Since 2008 with our hybrid organization Sustentavia: for Sustainable Innovation; we have created sustainable opportunities for NGOs, Entrepreneurs, Governments, Communities and Enterprises in the Republic of Mexico reaching more than 100 projects in topics such as Inclusive Business, Permaculture, Gender Equity, Development, Marginalized population, Food production, Supply chain, Edible forest, Indigenous Know How, Fair Trade and Biodiversity.


In 2011 we moved with our family to an isolated National Park in the Mayan Peninsula. Living in nature and living in a space without internet connection, with drinking water, electricity and gaz scarcity, without hospitals or supermarkets, we really learned how to become autonomus. Challenging the status quo led us to find better ways shifting global paradigms. 


In 2015 we decided to reconnect with our family roots in Belgium and to make a difference from the heart of Europe and to start planting the seeds to our Mother Continent: Africa.


Our ideas flow from quorum sensing to crystals, from social innovation to biomimicry, from science to indigenous knowledge, from drawings to screens.  Our tools are always responsive to local context. 


"Born in a family of entrepreneurs, my elders tought me about the importance of surpassing oneself; would it be mentally, physically, emotionally or socially speaking. This led me to get international business and communication expertise in 4 different continents and in places such as New York, Paris, Madrid, Dakar, Lagos, Singapur, Bangkok, Oxford, Mexico City or Cali  to gain the ability of adaptability in any given context.


My love for nature is driving me to find new ways of doing businesses. For the past ten years I am working with Innovation and Sustainability with the Private, Public and Social sector to find long term solutions for the world’s grand challenges between human and nature."

Camille Dubois


"I grew up between grass-root communities and cities, my family always showed me how to live and make the difference. My roots are in Mexico and Colombia. After working in Europe and Mexico in top multi-nationals such as Nike, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark; in 2007 I decided to listen to local wisdom before trying to take any action. I realized that creativity can lead to exponential solutions and empowers our systemic knowledge.


Ten years, multiple cultures and several ecosystems later I am looking forward to keep creating and designing systems and thoughts that reconnect us with nature."

Hugo Araujo





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